Wimborne Primary School

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Our School Vision


 At Wimborne, we are encouraged to reach

for the stars, by aiming high and working hard to achieve our

hopes, dreams, and ambitions.


Our Star Values and Star Powers underpin all we do to ensure

that we all become the best version of ourselves. We will be role

models, who inspire a love of learning and a commitment to

making a positive impact on each other’s lives.


Healthy in body and mind, we will be active learners, who feel

confident to problem solve, take risks, and learn from our

mistakes. Through creative, broad, and balanced experiences,

we are inspired to be respectful and responsible citizens and

celebrate the uniqueness and successes of all. We provide a

nurturing environment, where we all feel valued and confident

to achieve.


Working as one family, we will shine brighter together.


Our aims

  • We will promote a happy community of children and adults working co-operatively and productively together with mutual respect, politeness, and care.
  • We will help children develop respect and tolerance of others by fostering moral and religious values.
  • We will enable pupils to understand the world in which they live and the interdependence of individuals, groups, and nations.
  • We will ensure that equal opportunities are provided to all pupils irrespective of their socio-economic group, gender, ability, race, or religious belief.
  • We will help pupils achieve independence in learning; developing lively enquiring minds, question and discuss rationally, and persevere in their tasks and acquisition of skills.
  • We will help pupils acquire knowledge and skills as required by the National Curriculum and to prepare them for life as citizens in a fast-changing world.
  • We will offer a broad and balanced creative curriculum, assessing standards of achievement regularly, reporting them clearly, and taking action.
  • We will encourage the active participation of our partners in education to enhance the development of the children and their families within the community.
  • We will have due regard for the safety of all who work in the school and develop good attitudes towards learning and living a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve economic well-being in order to prepare for a successful life ahead.
  • We will endeavor to provide a range of learning opportunities that help children enjoy and achieve their best and enable them to make the most of their potential.