Wimborne Primary School

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At Wimborne, we value the importance of reading and we are incredibly passionate about instilling a love of reading in all of the children.
In school, EYFS and KS1 have daily reading opportunities, through Guided Reading, and lots of other high-quality activities, including storytime. We are a Monster Phonics school and our early reading approach is focussed around this scheme.  We understand the importance of good-quality letter phonics teaching, in order to enable the children to read and write fluently. In KS2, fluency and comprehension skills are built upon in English, and other areas of the curriculum, so that children have the ability to unlock all learning opportunities. Also, in KS2, we teach Destination Reader, which is an approach to reading. This ensures that children are receiving daily, high-quality reading teaching, based upon their English class reader text, and other reading skills. 
All classes visit our wonderful library regularly, we promote a love of reading in a lot we do. 
At home, children are expected to read five times per week and record this in their school reading record. In EYFS/KS1, each week, children will bring home a new 'ME' book, a new 'SHARE' book and a new 'LIBRARY' book. In KS2, the free reader children will bring home their library books and anyone needing additional support will also bring home some books to support them at their level.
You can sign in for Reading Eggs on this website: https://readingeggs.co.uk 
Exlpore Monster Phonics here: https://monsterphonics.com